NAME: Ben Cook

TEAM: Merton 2s


BIRTH DATE: 23/11/85


PREVIOUS CLUBS: Nailsea UTD, Clevedon UTD, Winscombe, Wrington Redhill, Clevedon Town Under 18s, Tickenham United

  1. Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?

Architect (not very intellectual so took the wise route of drawing for a living)

Quiet and chilled out person during the week… having the odd night out but trying to slow things down in my old age.

Also thinking about joining Tinder as have never used it before.

  1. How did you end up at Merton FC?

Moved to London 6 years ago from the countryside so didn’t really know many people so came along training and the red mist started from there.

  1. What was your best moment in your MFC career till now?

Becoming friends with Ivan

Albufeira tour in my first season

Winning the league title with 2s

  1. If you could play for a professional team, which would be it and why?

Not a team, but I think being in the England 1990s world cup squad would have been a dream to be part of

  1. Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?
    • Certainly not watching porn whilst eating beans on toast
    • Pre match motivational video to get myself fired up.
    • Always check my bank account to make sure I have enough money to cover a booking
  2. Lastly, share us your goals/expectations for the season.
    Two games left… both and take it into the new season.


Player of the season (at Merton, or in professional football): Zlatan Ibrahimovic (unless DQ does something special at the weekend)

Childhood Team: Aston Villa

Favourite team in the UK: Man UTD

Favourite team outside the UK: Atletico Madrid

Childhood Hero: Superted

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese

Favourite Drink: Vodka & Coke

Favourite Band: Oasis

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