NAME: Harrison Ryle

TEAM: 1st Team (so far)

POSITION: Centre Back

BIRTH DATE: 11th March 1993


PREVIOUS CLUBS: Reading YMCA, Hawarden Rangers, Halkyn United, plus several more in my younger days!

  1. Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?

 I manage a team of recruiters (yeah, I’m one of those people) for a company called Pareto Law. Aside from that I’m a fairly standard 24 year-old: I spend most of my weekends when I’m not playing football out in South West London or relaxing in my house.

  1. How did you end up at Merton FC?

 I knew Chaz through a mutual friend and had been looking for a team ever since I moved to London about 18 months ago.

  1. What do you like most about Merton FC?

 The location was pretty handy (I live in Mitcham)! Mostly though it was the welcoming atmosphere at the club and the potential to play with a group of lads similar to myself.

  1. If you could play for a professional team, which would be it and why?

 Has to be Liverpool – they’re my boyhood team and I’m not sure I’d be that much worse than the current back 4.

  1. Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?

 None whatsoever. I’ve played terrible enough times regardless of whether I put my left or right sock on first.

  1. Lastly, share us your goals/expectations for the season.

 To play as many games as possible, keep a shed load of clean sheets and maybe bag a goal or two if I’m lucky.



Favourite Player (at Merton, or in professional football): Sadio Mane  

Childhood Team: Liverpool FC

Favourite team in the UK: Liverpool FC

Favourite team outside the UK: Portland Timbers – went to a game when I was in the US for a couple of months and the atmosphere was unreal.

Childhood Hero: It’s a boring answer but growing up a Liverpool fan it’s pretty hard to not choose Steven Gerrard.

Favourite Food: Burritos

Favourite Drink: Alcohol wise probably Tyskie; if we’re talking just a standard drink then get me a can of Sprite.

Favourite Band: Arctic Monkeys

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