NAME: Ryan Burchell

TEAM: 4s


BIRTH DATE: 09/10/97



  1. Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself?

I’m currently a team leader in training at Sainsbury’s and I’m doing my best to balance a job in retail and playing football… Unsuccessfully at the minute! I’d describe myself as a friendly, wannabe funnyman who’s always up for a laugh and a beer or two.

  1. How did you end up at Merton FC?

Been watching since I was about 10 years old with my Dad playing for the 6s and when I was finally old enough I put on the yellow shirt and have loved it ever since.

  1. What was your best moment in your MFC career till now?

Up until a month ago this would’ve been winning Player of The Season for the 6s in my second season but now it has to be scoring my first Merton hatrick.

  1. If you could play for a professional team, which would be it and why?

I would play for my boyhood club Arsenal, been a fan since I was little (Much to the disappointment of my Dad) and walking out onto the Emirates would be a dream come true.

  1. Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?

Not really, apart from praying Scholesy doesn’t put me on the bench

  1. Lastly, share us your goals/expectations for the season.

Hopefully be able to see the 4s pull off a miraculous recovery and avoid relegation, as well as the 5s continuing their good form and winning their league.


Player of the season (at Merton, or in professional football): Will Harrison

Childhood Team: Arsenal

Favourite team in the UK: Arsenal

Favourite team outside the UK: Borrusia Dortmund

Childhood Hero: Thierry Henry

Favourite Food: Gammon Steak and chips

Favourite Drink: Bulmers

Favourite Band: Not a band but Ed Sheeran (appropriately)

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