The U8 travelled to Sutton where a very good side was eagerly waiting and warming up for the match. Always followed with great support from the parents, our squad started strongly in the first 10 minute quarter but the boys could not put away the many chances they had. We all know what football is like and, with two quick counter-attacks Sutton found themselves 2 – 0 up.

The match evened up and Sutton demonstrated to be a very good team indeed. Our boys pulled 1 back but found themselves straight down to 3 – 1 in the second quarter.

As always, the boys never gave up and brought the score to an even 3 – 3.

The last thrilling quarter saw Sutton regaining the lead but the boys in their smart new training/second all black kits equalised and seemed able to push for a victory; but in the last seconds of the match another quick counter-attack from Sutton brought their striker to a one to one with our goalie… the striker hit the ball but, unfortunately for Sutton and fortunately for Merton, the ball went just wide of the far post.

4 – 4 the final result. A fair result for two teams that played very good football.

Well done to all.

MOM Jaiden

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