An exciting and tense end to the U8’s first season for MFC.  Undefeated in the league and up against a strong Carshalton team.  Both teams played great football, but with a winning goal in the last few minutes of play for MFC, the boys held on to their fantastic record.  It was truly emotional and well done to our amazing and brilliant boys.  MOM JM

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The penultimate game of the season, away at Esher Wizards, turned out to be the most challenging, so far. A very good side, Esher went close to taking the lead 3 times but the cross bar helped our ever fighting boys to remain in the game.
Under great pressure the boys picked themselves up and took the lead with a great team effort. Esher brought the score to one all with good passing football. Our boys went back in front with a great individual goal in the second quarter. In the last two quarters the game was very balanced and both teams had their chances to score. However, it was in the dying minutes of the game that a penalty was awarded to the home team, who, despite the great effort of Merton FC Goalie, equalised to bring the score to a final 2 all.

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“We were back at the Hood after a long spell away from home soil!

In a freezing cold morning the U8 displayed brilliant football in the first two quarters but could not capitalise their many chances; still the result was in their favour, as they went 2 nil up.  Esher Colts Yellows fought back with courage and scored a deserved goal.

However, our boys extended the lead with an outstanding team performance and closed the match with an 8 – 1 win.

As always, great support from all parents, was the extra player on the pitch.

MOM Aarya”

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Another good day of football with the second Trophy Event of the year hosted by Carshalton.  The boys drew 0 -0 in their first game versus Wandgas, the winners of the tournament, after victory was prevented by the post in the dying seconds.

The second game versus Carshalton Athletic Blues was yet again a tight one, with our team taking the lead but subsequently going down 2 -1.  The team managed to re-establish the equilibrium with a great team effort, closing the score to 2 – 2.

In the third and last game versus Westside the boys displayed the good passing football we got accustomed to and a sound 4 – 0 was the end result of the game.  However, Westside were a very good side but saw their attempts to score saved by brilliant goalkeeping.

Many thanks to the parents and to Carshalton for hosting the games.

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A sunny but chilly morning in sheen saw two closely matched teams battling away on a muddy pitch.
Both teams played a tight 1st quarter which Merton just edged to lead 1-0 with a well taken goal. In the second quarter it was great defending by both teams resulting in no goals the third quarter saw Merton play back to there passing best which saw them score a second goal with a great move and superb top corner finish.Great all round defending again saw the game out at 2-0 to Merton.
Man of the Match: Miller with an all round
energetic display.


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It was scheduled as a home game but the waterlogged pitch prevented the home game from going ahead. Kindly Bruno, the opposition’s Manager, agreed for the reversal of the fixture and arranged for a pitch at goals in Isleworth.


The support of the parents was fantastic as always and the team welcomed Aarya back in the squad for what promised to be a very competitive game.


The first quarter was well balanced and both teams displayed good football skills, as a team and individually. Merton had a few chances to go ahead but great goalkeeping ensured the opposition’s goal was safe. In the second quarter, the boys were taken by surprise by good strikes from the distance and found themselves 3 -0 down.


Yet again their great spirit, determination and will to never give up saw them fighting back and were rewarded with two deserved goals. They always say you are most vulnerable after you have scored; and so it was. With a good combination, Old Isleworthians got themselves a fourth.


The boys’ heads did not drop and, once again, with only minutes remaining, Merton U8 came back to equalise for a deserved draw.


Another great day of football.


A special thank you to all our supporters and to Bruno from Old Isleworthians.


MOM Freddie

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The U8 travelled to Sutton where a very good side was eagerly waiting and warming up for the match. Always followed with great support from the parents, our squad started strongly in the first 10 minute quarter but the boys could not put away the many chances they had. We all know what football is like and, with two quick counter-attacks Sutton found themselves 2 – 0 up.

The match evened up and Sutton demonstrated to be a very good team indeed. Our boys pulled 1 back but found themselves straight down to 3 – 1 in the second quarter.

As always, the boys never gave up and brought the score to an even 3 – 3.

The last thrilling quarter saw Sutton regaining the lead but the boys in their smart new training/second all black kits equalised and seemed able to push for a victory; but in the last seconds of the match another quick counter-attack from Sutton brought their striker to a one to one with our goalie… the striker hit the ball but, unfortunately for Sutton and fortunately for Merton, the ball went just wide of the far post.

4 – 4 the final result. A fair result for two teams that played very good football.

Well done to all.

MOM Jaiden

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Merton FC U8 v Esher Colts Yellow

The last game of the league fixtures before the Christmas break saw the U8 travel to Esher.  The team was still down to a six player squad due to the absence of Aarya who, unfortunately, was still recovering from illness.

The boys got on the pitch with their usual determination.  Despite a very good performance by Esher Colts, Merton FC were unstoppable.  The team displayed an excellent football performance, varying from one touch passing to personal dribbling skills.

But, as always, the real winner was football, played by two teams of enthusiastic kids all cheered on by a great crowd of supporters.

The MOM was Freddie.

A special thank you to all U8 followers and a wish of a prompt recovery to Aarya.

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After 3 weeks on non-football due to poor weather conditions, the U8 were back in action.

They boys were eager to play again and their enthusiasm got the better of them, as they conceived within a few seconds from the kick off.

However, the team kept their spirit up and replied with tenacity and great team work against a very well organise and skilful Carshalton side.

As the game progressed in the second quarter, Carshalton got the upper hand and went ahead and seemed to be able to control the game.

Not so! The U8 never gave up and turned around the game in the last two quarters, bringing home an emphatic and well deserved win, with the invaluable support given by the ever present “Parents Fan Club”.

The MOM was Joseph.

As always, thanks to all spectators and well done to both team for a great game of football.

under 8+parents

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A rainy day at the Hood saw two enthusiastic teams battle on a very muddy pitch.

Great presence of parents from both side made the gloomy day sparkle. A very well balanced game in the first quarter where Merton FC went ahead but with Raynes Park Vale fighting on every ball. In the second quarter our boys started to demonstrate their abilities of good passing football. Raynes Park Vale returned strongly in the third quarter but Merton FC finished on a high in the last quarter with an overall win of 5 -1.


MOM was a close call and was given to Lee for a fantastic effort throughout the game.


Well done to both teams and a special thank you to Mackenzie of the U12 who refereed the last two quarters of the game.

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