Met police 1-0 Merton FC

Disappointing game today where Merton just did not turn up and play the way they can and have shown recently.

Defensively, we were very strong and kept our shape well. We tried out a new backline and it seemingly worked. However, on the ball we were disappointing and wasted a lot of good possession by playing long ball and hoping for the best. At times we kept the ball well and passed the ball around, which carved out potential opportunities for us to score.

Midway through the first half, George pulled off a fantastic double save. This was a wake up call and Merton ended the half the stronger of the two teams.
We were largely untroubled, but also didn’t trouble very often going forward.

The second half was very scrappy and was nicked by the odd goal. A Miskick from goalkeeper and it ended in the back of our net.
We never really troubled and ended up in defeat without much battling.

Major positives were the new found backline, but more confidence on the ball needed.

Heads up and go again next week!

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