U10s Players Player award – Jamal Sharp.
U10s Managers Player award – Thomas Davies.
U11s Players Player award – Henry Haryott.
U11s Managers Player award – Henry Haryott.
U12s Players Player award – Jayden Dickson.
U12s Managers Player award – Daniel Mezynski.
U13s Players Player award – Jamie Berry.
U13s Managers Player award – Nathan Hines-Carey.
U14s Players Player award – Marcin Mrozowicz.
U14s Managers Player award – Vincent Davis-Tubby.
Big thanks to;
All the parents for coming along and supporting the club.
All the managers who did a great job in collecting the kit.
Dave Laughton who helped with the bar.
Dodge who did a great speech.
Angie & Karuna who did the food.
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