AGE: 25

1) Tell us who you are outside of the club. What do you do, how would you describe yourself? I’m a Deputy Site Manager at St Marks Academy…Most would describe me as a miserable old bastard. When really I’m just reserved with a few one liners.

2) How did you end up at Merton FC, and what is your favourite thing about the club? I got a call from Daniel Woollard asking if I would be interested in helping run the U15’s side at Merton. Having previously worked together at our old club and the Midweek U18’s at AFC Croydon Athletic for the later stages of the season. We came down a few times, met and spoke to Steve and Max… the rest is history. My favourite thing about Merton has to be the great vibe and feel of the place; it’s not just a club. It’s a boars club.

3) Please tell us your personal career highlight with Merton FC? This has to be being a part of the coaching set up that has turned around the fortunes of the U15’s (Then U14’s)(Now U16’s) Taking over a squad that would just fulfil a fixture, taking only 3 points from 1 win out of 18 games. Conceding 112 goals with a goal difference of -87. Transforming into an 18 Man squad for the start of last season. Finishing 4 places higher with 7x the amount of points; considerably cutting down the goal difference to -13 in what proved to be both a competitive yet frustrating league, however still a very successful season all round.

4) What was your funniest moment at Merton FC (on the pitch or off it)? Apart from being mistaken for Mustard at the preseason club day by Vanny. It has to be the Away game to Old Parkonians for two reasons, both coming on the touchline… The first being my return of the long trench coat, infamous flat cap and not forgetting the notepad. Underneath this array of stylish clothing was my kit just in case we needed a number on the pitch as I had sustained an injury a couple of games previous after losing a somewhat competitive tussle with a bush. The second being one of the Parkonian players (who wore Number 14) He had been giving it out all through the 1st half to the point he even decided to take on the woodwork, and clearly one was not up to the challenge, and from the corner ended up in a heap on the floor. Rings of he’s broken his arm cry around the pitch. Half time. As 14 is now being led to the carpark. Team talk commences with the comment “ Number 14 has been by far their best player” Cue the brilliance that is Mustards quick sarcasm…. “Well I doubt he will be this Half”

5) What are your goals and expectations for your team this season? Obviously we would all like to win the league and get to a cup final etc.. being realistic, I think we are good enough to compete and would like to see us push for promotion. One step at a time though, and for now if we can turn the 1 goal defeats into wins and close out a game from winning positions I’ll be happy. As for the U16’s it has to be going for the league.

Player to look out for in your side this season? John Cox A.k.a Jordan Lad’
Predicted top scorer? Dom Plumridge (Sorry Ed)
Person with worst chat/banter? Darcy (#AwfulBantz)
Who is most likely to get injured? Vin (Most Likely to fake it)
Worst fashion sense? Mustard (Double Denim!?)

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