Time to give Martin a break and the elected captain to step up this week with a match report…

Once again the game gets moved from the beloved Hood to the WCE, none the less, the talk of the week was the fixture and not the ground that the ‘war’ will take place on, yes, it’s the 6s v 7s re-match.

Both teams in need to get back on track after losing their previous games and having seeing the team selection (the 6s being slightly depleted),  the 7’s debated a game plan to match the 6s in formation, a untried 4-3-3 (much to Dan’s disappointment). Whilst needing a few of the 4s ourselves to make up the numbers, it was clear the 7s had revenge in mind.

The start was quite bright and a fair amount of exchanges took place, the 7s pressing early and getting in amongst the 6s midfield, manged to curve a few half chances, but it was the 6s who pressed and could have took the lead with a quick counter, only to see the shot go wide.

As the first half moved on, the 7s settled down and started to get a furher few decent chances in, John T down the left seemed to have to wait all day for the ball to come down after a cross from Adam sent him on his way, only for the shot to be far and wide, Scott and Malcolm both getting more of the ball from the midfield, rattled off some shots from distance which was handled well by the 6s keeper,

Thinking we had a good hand on the game, the inedible happens, the 6s breaking up play from their own half, managed to counter attack and slide the over energetic Peter in on goal, still having Dan to beat, manged to skip around and ride a few tackles and slot past Kieran in goal… Bugga, it was going so well!

 With Tom R playing centre mid, as opposed to the familiar centre back, and Adam on the right, the midfield duo was putting in a shift and trying to get the 7s back in the game, David however seemed to be having his own love in with Paul on the left and was chasing him around the pitch anytime he had the ball!

With less than 5 minute to go, the 6s defence left Scott out wide on the halfway line, a cleared ball from a 6s attack, left the defence standing with raised hands appealing for offside, but clearly Scott had thought this through and was standing inches inside his own half, sprung into life and gave chase of the ball, with electric pace and just keeping the ball in play, he checked back expecting to have company bearing down on him, only to see the 6s centre back in Mark, screaming like a banshee at the ref at its not fair, that he was offside and that his boot lace was in there half! The Ref not having none of it, waved play on and Scott, not needing to be told to play to the whistle had already at this point entered the 18 yard box and compose himself enough to slot past the advancing goalkeeper. 1-1. Game on…..!!

Halftime and tails up, the 7s congratulated each other on a good first half, and knowing how bad we are in the first 10 minutes of any second half, the captain and manager and everyone else was requesting calm and to keep it simple for the first 10minutes and build on the end of the first half…..

Second half, whistle blows, 6s kick off, long ball over the top, 7s defence and keeper are still debating if we said keep it tight for 10 minutes or 10 seconds…. 2-1!

Once again we are the master of our own down fall, rallying around trying to make amends, even though we are the same club, the tackles where flying in, good 50/50s followed by handshakes, it’s how the game is played, visibly the 7s tired, and the 6s forward line of teenagers started to make a difference, and with 15 minutes to play, Peter was once again there to seal the 3-1 victory and a worthy finish had his hatrick .


All in all, a very good, well-played game and well entertained the crowd of 3 on the side line, and with this victory, the 6s move ever closer to promotion and winning the second spot league. Good luck to the 6s, and the 7s will be back at it, trying to do there bit in the coming fixtures


Team: Kieran, Ryan, Tom J, Dan, Martin, Adam, Tom R, David ©, Scott, Malcolm, John T.

Subs: Noor (for John T) Chris (for Martin)

MOTM: Close call between the midfielders, but Adam, who seem to be enjoying the centre mid roll.

DOTD: Dan, who apparently had a hole in his pocket!

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