Merton FC 3-4 Elm Grove Colts.

Second round of the cup. We came down to the hood at 9;45
Prepared and ready for the match ahead .we put our boots and stepped onto the pitch it was focus time. After our warm up and we exchanged the cards we were ready to kick off. For the first few minutes we played ok.
The oppo strikes and jack (left back) believed to had cleared it off the line we was all excited then the lino gave it as a goal to the oppo. 1 nil down. Then Theo said something and was put in the book for descent. Yellow card. The opposition striker had lots of pace wiggled through our team with pace and pure interplay to score three more goals
4 nil down by the 40th miniute we had to fix up. Then in the last 20 marcus scored, evan scored and nikoy scored from unbelievable strikes it was 4:3 the comeback was on nikoy (center back)really urged his defence to push right up we kept the ball well in there half as we fought for an equaliser but we couldnt get it. The match ended 4:3 to the oppo unlucky result from the boys
Match report by Keiron Nedd (wing)

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