Merton Fc VS Hampton Rangers


Our line up (GK) Milo (CB) Jack and Nikoy (LB) McKenzie (RB) Alfie (CDM) Daniel (RM) Kieron (LM) Kadeem (CAM) Evan (ST) Justin and Marcus. First half we had kick off we were playing well as were the opposition. We had a few shots off and we were passing and defending well, the conditions were not the best, it was a bit rainy and muddy but we all had to get used to it.


Evan scored the first goal assisted by McKenzie on the left side. He curled it a little bit and their keeper could not reach it, 1-0 to Merton.


They started paying a route one. A very nice cross coming from goal fell to one of Hampton’s players who ran through our defence, Jack was the last man but couldn’t foul him or he would be sent off so the opposition got a goal, 1-1. They were passing the ball down the left side and trying to get the crosses in but Alfie was doing well to stop them, Kadeem had a couple of chances for the cross but couldn’t make them, whistle blows, first half over.


 Both teams had a talk and the game recommenced, second half Hampton’s kick off. We weren’t passing as well as before and Hampton were pushing a lot. But we were on the break and passing magically, we got a shot off but it got blocked, the ball fell to Evan who yet again scored a great goal just in front of the half way line, 2-1 to Merton. Hampton were really trying at this point and eventually scored a goal via route one, a good goal 2-2.


Both teams needed a goal to win, we tried really hard but Hampton came out on top scoring another goal by running straight through our defence and skimmed our goalie and scored, 2-3. We really needed a goal here so we made some subs: Isaac came on for Justin at (ST) Hugo came on for Kadeem at (RM) Freddie came on for Alfie at (RB) and Theo came on for Evan at (CAM).


Hampton had another run but were unintentionally fouled by Freddie, free kick to them. The free kick didn’t go in so Merton still had a chance with 10 minuets left to score. Isaac got the ball and ran but there was a hand ball so the ref blew the whistle but he couldn’t hear it and carried on running and everybody told me to stop so he did and had a laugh, Kieron then ran down the right and tried a cross which led to a corner for Merton. Theo took the corner as usual but scuffed it, unlucky, but all was not over!


Merton on the break again, the ball was passed to Hampton’s defence and they tried to clear it but failed, in comes Marcus, he runs through what was left in their defence and scored a very nice goal leading to a 3-3 score line.


Hampton try to get the goal but the whistle was blown and the match ended 3-3. Everyone was happy, it was a very nice game and it was very even sided, everybody shook hands at the end and all was merry, well done everyone!


By Isaac Tossio (striker)


Under 13s 12.03.07
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08/01/2017 Merton FC vs Motspur Park 

Round of 16 County Cup 
The match began, our line up: Milo (GK) Nikoy (CB) Jack (CB) Alfie (LB) Freddy (RB) McKenzie (CDM) Evan (CAM) Bullet (LM) Isaac (RM) Marcus (ST) Justin (ST). The first half we played very well, we were playing one touch football & we were feeding the ball to the wing a lot but the opposition defended the ball very well. We kept on trying but did not manage to break their defence. They pushed up and won a corner and succeeded in scoring, 0-1. Kieran then had a nice run down the left wing and scored a lovely goal, at the end of the first half we were drawing 1-1. Both teams had their team talk, the second half started. 
The midfield went a bit all over the place, they put a lot of pressure on our defence and we tried to clear the ball but they managed to score leading to 1-2. Another good run from Kieran on the left wing and he scored another banger, we were then drawing 2-2. Marcus had a run down the left wing and shot the ball which went under the keeper’s arm. We were then winning 3-2. They were pushing very well and got another corner but did not score but it led to another corner which ended in them scoring the equaliser. The whistle blew for the end of the second half. 
Both teams picked their penalty takers, our penalty takers were 1) McKenzie 2) Isaac 3) Evan 4) Kieron 5) Nikoy. McKenzie scored a good goal they also scored their first penalty, then Isaac scored a nice goal but so did they, then Evan scored and so did they! Kieron scored, then our goal keeper Milo saved a good attempt! Our final penalty taker Nikoy scored his goal leading to us winning 5-4 in penalties! We all bundled and cheered and then gave our respect to the opposition, it was a great match! 
Match report Isaac Tossio 

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Epsom Town Yth 1 vs 3 Merton FC
First half, started off ok. Our midlfield was a bit sloppy, we nearly scored a couple of goals and had more possession, Alfie skimmed the post. They liked pushing down the rightwings and we gave away couple of fouls and a penalty that was nearly saved by Milo, who got a touch on the ball, but it bounced of his fingertips and hit the top of the net. We also gave away a few set pieces due to the awkward pitch conditions, it was muddy! Evan, who’d come on for Kieran, scored the first goal for Merton, from left side & left foot straight into the bottom right corner just before half time. 
Second half, we used all our subs, Alfie came off for Freddie in right back, Kieran came back on for Hugo and I came on for Theo and Steve put Evan in central attacking midfield and me on the right wing. We had more possession of the ball and more shots at goal. As I came on, one of the opposition fouled me in the back which gave us a free kick that Nikoy took, but the score stayed at 1-1. I made a few runs down the wing, got past 3 players, leading to a corner, where we just missed another goal. They got to our defence, we passed the ball away, which led to Marcus having a bit of a run and a cheeky one-two with Kieran, Marcus crossed it in, it was a low ball for Justin who tucked it away in the bottom left corner. 2-1 to Merton! We’d started getting under their skin and they started getting angry. Towards the end of the match, Marcus brought the score to 3-1, by having a shot that bounced just over the goalies hands and into the bottom right corner! I tried making another run, got the ball round the player but got studded in the ankle so came off injured. Hugo came back on, we started taking our time. It got to the end of the match, the whistle blew, we started cheering, we lined up, gave them 3 cheers and one for luck, they did the same and we all shook hands.
Overall, we had more possession, more shots, we were the better team and that showed in the end result. We’re now 2nd place in the League, with a match in hand, we must carry on playing as well as we did today and improve where we can in training and…keep winning matches!! 🙂
Match Report: Isaac Tossio (winger/striker)
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Merton FC 2 vs 0 Epsom & Ewell Colts.
Match report by Theo
On a cold miserable Sunday morning Merton fc played Epsom and ewel this was a grudge match seeing that we lost 3:1 against them at the beginning of the season We arrived at Joseph hood at 9:15 we went over to our pitch and started training the opposition arrived and they was watching us(with fear in there eyes)the game started Merton had kick off we pressed them and got a lot of shots off but there goalkeeper saved all of them.soon after that they had a couple of shots but milo had that covered then milo booted the ball up the pitch and Marcus saw the goalkeeper running out and put a lovely chip over the keeper he made it 1:0.they kicked off and we won the ball back and shortly marcus scored again to make it 2:0 a left foot in to the bottom corner.the whistle blew for half time we had a team talk. The second half began we continued with Steve instructions with our passing game knowing everyone was on form and fighting for each other as hard as they could with only 1 sub and a couple of players injured we still carried on the fight until the final whistle. All round a great performance and fight from the team. It was hard to choose a man of the match because the whole team fought well.

Match report from Theo (centre mid)

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CB Hounslow U13s 2-11 Merton FC U13s
Today the Mighty Merton FC U13s played CB Hounslow Greens away for a very early 10am kick off in sunny Feltham. It was a lot of pressure before the game because both teams were very tense as we both needed the 3 points to move up the table. Before we started there was a minute silence for the poppies.
We kicked off at 10.15am and lots of passes’ where made on both ends of the pitch. Then with a pass of Daniel to Marcus. Then Marcus decides to use his pace get passed two defenders and Merton 1-0 to Merton. Later that match Merton has a corner Hugo steps up to take it smacks it front post that gave Evan the opportunity to hit top bins and made it  2-0 to Merton. But straight after that attack CB Hounslow gets a pass In a box with a shot in front of the keeper it goes in. 2-1 to Merton. There was both plays and forth kerion tackle’s the ball greatly and wins position kerion hits the ball from the edge of the box and it goes in. 3-1 to Merton. There was great runs form either teams we have a corner Justin hits it to go into the box it comes off the CB Howslow players McKenzie is at the edge of the box and smashes one bottom right corner. 4-1 to Merton the whistle is about to go all the players have sweat on their heads it goes off for a corner Theo wipes the ball into the box with a wonderful header from Nikoy it goes straight passed the keeper the whistle goes for the half time are. After that securing start by Merton the whistle blows to start the second half by a mis communication the opposition decides to take advantage and score. 5-2 after that silly mistake by Merton aven try’s a attack one two by Justin avens throw and scores. 6-2 to Merton when the whistle blown Marcus won greatly passed it back to Alfie. Alfie passed to kadeem passed it to Justin to bang it in. 7-2 to Merton soon as that happened Merton got the ball rapidly kerion had the ball gliding throw players and scores another one. 8-2 to Merton the game goes on the ball goes to are keeper Milo he comes out to boot it but he scuff it and falls over but Alfie chase’s down the ball and receives it . From that play Alfie decieds to smack it wide to Evan plays a lovely pass to kerion and he scores.9-2 to Merton then from a corner Justin bangs it in to the box in comes off nekoys foot in the air Theo goes for the bicycle kick and hits it top bins what a great goal by Theo. 10-2 the match is nearly over players are tiered but just before the game is over kadeem decides to Ronaldo chop it and hit it from the edge of the box goes in back of the net the whistle goes players shake hands and go their separate ways man of the match kerion and match report by kadeem ishmael-parris.
Kadeem, first goal of his Merton FC career.
Kadeem, first goal of his Merton FC career.
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Surrey Youth Cup
Sheen Lions 0-5 Merton FC
On a cold sunny Sunday morning we arrived at Sheen Lions ground. Before the match we had no referee, but luckily their assistant manager agreed to step up to the challenge so game on.
An excellent performance by all the team. We looked well organised and hungry for the win. We were all in a positive frame of mind, after last weeks win.
The tactics from Steve were to play 1 & 2 touch passing and press them. We pressed them hard and had one or two opportunities on goal before Justin’s goal arrived.
We continued to press the other side, showing quick good passing and communicating well with each other. It wasn’t long before Marcus used his pace and skill to score our second goal. Sheen Lions were hungry for a goal but our defence stood strong to get challenge.
Our third goal came from our striker Marcus, from a deflection of a Sheen Lions player. But a well deserved goal all the same.
Our calm tactical passing continued leading to our fourth goal my first for Merton FC. Evan passed me the ball, passing on d player I put the ball into the top left hand corner.
With the first half whistle being blown shortly after.
Steve half time talk was to keep passing and work hard as a team.
Second half started. Sheen Lions started with a more aggressive pace looking for their first goal. We continued to pass effectively and kept up the pressure. It was a half that our defenders were made to work hard, but stood up the pressure well. Justin scored his second goal of the match from out of the area striking the top left corner. The score ended up 5-0.
Great match lets move onto the next round.

MOM Freeeeeedie.

Match report from Hugo (right wing)

Hugo's first goal for under 13s
Hugo’s first goal for under 13s
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Today Merton FC played Worplesdon Rangers warriors in a action packed match.before the game started there was a minute silence for a Merton adults player who had sadly died in a traffic accident.

The match kicks off .

Lots of runs and plays are happening at both ends of the field. Then worplesdon rangers get a free kick on the half way line and there taker smacks it forward and it bounces over the keeper. 1-0 to  Worplesdon rangers. Later on the other team gets a corner it comes curling in and one of the Merton defenders headers it into his own net. 2- 0 to Worplesdon rangers . Although Merton were 2- 0 they still had fight in them but Worplesdon went on the attack again and scored making it 3-0 after only 15mins, not a good start.

Later on Marcus got the ball and ran Through the defender and made it 3-1.
Straight after Marcus received the ball and ran with it and he couldn’t be stopped then he shot and it went in 3-2 to the opposition, the come back was on. After attacks at both ends of the pitch and saves from both keepers . Merton did a few passes then got the ball out to Marcus and then he put the ball in the box to Theo who then smaked a left footed volley straight into the bottom right hand corner. Everyone cheered and was impressed of what a good goal it was. 3-3

Half time Steve gives the boys a talk and tells them what they need to do.

2nd half Kicks off .

Lots of chances happen at both ends both defences had there work cut out for them.
The Thier keeper takes a goal kick and it falls to Evan who smacks it straight over the keeper it was a excellent goal. Later on the opposition looked like they were going to equalise but then the linesman  said offside as the striker put the ball into the net.

The final whistle blows.

4-3 to Merton the teams shake hands and say well played to each other.

Everyone worked hard in that match but the man of the match was Marcus.

Match report by Jack Harrington (left back/centre back)

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Merton FC Vs Old Coulsdon Colts Blazers
This was a league match at home. It was a hard match. They had quite a few players who were very good. We did not play that great in the first half as we did not communicate with each other. We all played a lot better in the second half we pressured and got more stuck in but we did not get tight enough to there players. The score was 2-2.The goal scorers were Keiron and Daniel. Keiron scored an open goal going past the keeper.Daniel scored a goal by a free kick cross by Theo then which lead to a half volley in the six yard box. One of there goals were from a free kick that should of been a foul because they were blocking the keepers sight. There second goal was from a goal kick which went through the midfield and then past the defence then it was a one on one with the keeper and

slots it away. Man Of The Match was Theo are CAM.
Match report by Milo (keeper).


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This League game was and is going to probably be our easiest. Rock Lane did have 1 or 2 good players but as a team they were not complete. We took advantage of that in the first half, passing well, using tactics from training and playing as a team. In the 1st half we scored 6 goals, the scorers were Theo with 2, Isaac with 2, Justin and Kieron. The 2nd half we did not play as well (Passing/positioning wise), but we did score another 8 goals, the scorers were Theo, completing his hat-trick with another 3 goals, Marcus coming on and scoring 3, Justin and Nikoy. In the 2nd half Steve took a player off to make it more fair. 10 minutes into the 2nd half and we started losing shape and playing very messy, just aiming for goals. 10 minutes before the final whistle we decided to play possession and to not score anymore, we gathered our shape a bit and started playing nice passes and good football. So the match overall was ok, had some good and bad moments with our performance, yes we did win but I think Steve and I want to see some more thought going into the game and start playing as we train them. The match had only one Injury with number 3 from Rock Lane getting a Nose Bleed. Apart from that both teams were very respectful and sportsmanship was very nice to see, Rock Lane are a very nice bunch of players. I would give the man of the match to Justin as he played outstanding in CM (Central Midfield), which is not where he usually plays as he is a Left/Right Mid but Steve and I loved the way he played there.

Match report from Mario (Assistant Manager)

Theo: finds the back of the net with five goals
Theo: finds the back of the net with five goals
Justin: Man of the Match performance
Justin: Man of the Match performance
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On Sunday 9th October Merton FC played against Coulsdon colts in the league. They Put up a good battle but after about 15 minutes McKenzie scored for Merton and then each side had some chances but nothing came from them
then the half time whistle went at half time the score was Merton 1 Coulsdon 0. In the first 15 minutes of the second half Marcus scored Merton’s second of the match after a great cross from Hugo then Coulsdon scored after a little mistake at the back and made it 2-1. Further on into the match Marcus scored his second and Merton’s 3rd  and made it 3-1 to Merton m. In the dying moments of the match Freddy our centre back cleared the balk of the line Keeping the score 3-1 to Merton then the final whistle went and the final score was Merton 3 Coulsdon 1

Match report from Alfie Barnett (centre back)

Under 13s 'Dubbing'
Under 13s ‘Dubbing’
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