29th April 2018

Merton under 9s                                              7

Corinthian Casuals                                           2

Scorers                                                                 Faris 2
                                                                                David 2

MOM                                                                    Harry

This was the last game of the season at the Hood against Corinthian Casuals.  Normal pitch had been taken down, so had to use the nearer pitch, great for the parents as didn’t have to carry the goals so far.  The pitch had a few boggy areas from the weekend rain but was playable.  All ten boys showed up for their last game of the season.  Neal took them to one side and started the warm up.  Corinthian Casuals had the bare 7 players. Dave Laughton tiding up a largish puddle on the side line just before the game began.  10 o’clock came and the ref started the game.  Starting line-up this week was Max GK, Joe and David defence, Lewis, Louis and Percy in midfield with Archie up top.  That left, Harry, Ollie and Faris on the bench.  We started ok getting the ball out wide, passing nicely and creating chances.  Unfortunately they scored first, Joe and David going for the same player, ball was played through, which, left the tall striker through to slot the ball beyond Max and his big red gloves.  We started again this time pressing better and winning the ball. Louis got us level slotting the ball into the bottom left corner.  After this the goals started going in, David scoring from a very tight angle, again his mum missing this one, not for the first time.  Changes made half way through the half, Harry, Ollie and Faris on for David, Joe and Archie.  Harry as usual being solid at the back mopping up any balls played through and tightly marking their tall striker.  We stayed solid, Max pulling off some great saves as well as Corinthian’s keeper.  Lewis scored near the end of the half making it 3 – 1.

The boys gathered their drinks and sat to hear what Roy and Neal had to say about the half and what they should do in the second.  Few changes made, Archie, David and Joe back on for Louis, Lewis and Percy.  This half we had most of the possession, Corinthian with only 7 tired as the half went on.  Faris grabbed two goals this half keeping him top goal scorer for the season.  Joe with a poachers finish and David thundering home his brace, this time his mum saw this one.   They grabbed a late consolation goal at the end, and what a goal it was not even Max’s dad would have saved it.  A thumping free kick into the top left bins.  The ref blew the final whistle; all the boys played well and put in a great performance for their last game.  Final score 7 – 2.

Neal and Roy gathered the boys and parents into the clubhouse as they had some individual team awards to hand out.  Man of the match this week was Harry for his solid performance in defence.

Three awards to give out, top goal scorer, Neal and Roy’s dream team player of season and parents player of the season.  Faris collected the top goal scorer award, played 18 scored 22.  Max, still with his gloves on, picked up the parents player of the season award. The dream team award with a best overall average score of the season went to David. 

That left Neal and Roy left to wrap up the season with a thank you to all the parents for their help over the season, and the boys for efforts on the pitch and at training. 

All the parents and boys would like to give a big thank you to Neal and Roy for giving up their time on a Sunday and Tuesday night and running this year’s Merton under 9s.  The improvement of all players over the season has shown and they have been a pleasure to watch every Sunday (when it hasn’t been called off due to weather and pitch conditions).  Hopefully most of the boys will stay and play next year as the Merton under 10s.

The club youth awards is on 19th May at 3pm with a BBQ and the FA Cup Final being shown after, also the adults will be holding a World cup 5 a side tournament that day also.  Hope to see all the boys and parents back for this event.  Stu the bar will be OPEN!!

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15th April 2018

Merton                                                1
Barnes Eagles                                    3

Goal scorer                                         Joe
MOM                                                    Ollie

This week saw the boys, minus Faris, who was still on his holiday play Barnes Eagle Colts at their ground.  The facilities set up and pitch conditions were ideal, considering the rain in the week. Neal took the boys for the warm up concentrating on their passing and moving.  Referee called the boys to the pitch for kick off.  The pitch was defiantly larger than the boys normally play on.  Line this week was Max (GK), Ollie and Harry defence, Lewis, Louis and David midfield with Joe up top.  Archie and Percy subs. Another week of 4 quarters, which I believe takes the momentum out of the game and the boys.  Too many stop starts in my mind.  This showed in the game as in the first two quarters, the boys had the upper hand with Joe getting us one nil up.  This goal came from a great cross by David, which found  Joe, with a cheeky flick of the foot, spinning the ball pass the keeper and in to the goal.  Apparently he meant it?!! As the game went on and changes made each quarter you could see that this had an effect on the game.   We gave away the 3 goals by not clearing the ball out of our half properly.  Max again making some great saves and clearing ball well on the back pass. Their number 5 was a very good player and main threat. He was hard to get pass and very quick.  We did create some good chances but couldn’t finish.  Archie could have got on the score sheet had he kept his shot down.  Lewis hit the post and David and one of their players hit heads during the last quarter, little dazed but ok.  Ollie and Harry were very good as a partnership in defence.  Ollie being very vocal, shouting instructions throughout the game and worked hard, deservingly getting the man of match award this week.   The referee, who liked to blow the whistle on an attacking play, blew for full time.  Final score 3 – 1 to Barnes.

The boys walked off and Neal gave them his honest opinion of the game.  He explained that there were some good parts and some bad.  Considering they had most of the possession and should have come away with a result, told the boys to have a think during the week where they could improve. 

Couple of home games left before season ends; let’s hope we can end on a high before we go into summer break. 

Archie enlightened us about his weekend BBQ and guest with a very interesting job!!!

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25th March 2018


Under 9s                     2

Moormead                   3


Goal Scorer                 Faris 2

MOM                          Joe


With a later than usual kick off of 11.45, this week saw the under 9s host Moormead Wanderers.  With the opposition playing in luminous yellow, and only having 7 players, Archie’s brother, Freddie, who was wearing the Real Madrid luminous yellow goalie kit, asked if could play for them.  I would have let him, but given the final result I think there would have been arguments and gloating later that day about the score.  Although the pitch was playable, it didn’t help that the Merton schools fun run competition, which took place during the week at Joseph Hood had marked out the running course through the pitch.  Top side of the pitch looked as those 120 school kids including Archie, Faris and Louis had stampeded through the pitch.  So the tactics for this game was to avoid this side of the pitch and keep the ball the other side.  Easier said than done with youth football. 

Both teams warmed up off the pitch to avoid any more damage.  With Louis falling ill over the weekend we had a 9 boy squad.  Line up this week was Max (GK), Ollie and Harry (defence), Lewis (captain), Percy and Joe (midfield), Faris (forward).  That left Archie and David on the subs bench.  We started slowly, under hitting our passing, losing possession and not passing quickly.  This led to Moormead reacting to the mistakes and going 3 nil up in the first 10-15 minutes.  An own goal by Joe which couldn’t be help and their second goal was a cheeky chip over Max and slowly rolling over the muddy goal line. Their keeper had a good kick on him and quickly cleared the ball when he had it to the front two. This did cause some problems but Harry and Ollie did well to defend the quick counter attacks.  We did have some chances, Archie when coming on hitting the target, Lewis having a go also but goal keeper saving well.  Faris made some good runs with the ball considering the pitch conditions and had some chances.  One of those found the net and brought one back before the half time whistle.  3 – 1 at half time and a lot to do and improve on in the second half.

Changes made at half time; the second half was a lot better.  The boys put in a lot more effort to get the game back level.  We hit the post and bar a couple of times when eventually Faris bagged his second of the game to make it 2 – 3.  At the other end Max pulled off his usual great saves when they broke through on the counter. Great rushing out to close down the striker. With the exhausting pitch conditions the boys got tired, but never gave up.  Unfortunately with the time running out the boys couldn’t find the net to make it level and a well-deserved point.  We had a free kick on edge of box, which up stood Percy who placed lovely in the top right corner. Sadly the goal was cancelled by the ref, due to Percy taking the free kick before the whistle was blown.  His second effort not so clinical and went horribly wide.

Final whistle blew, 3 – 2 to Moormead in an entertaining but tiring game for the boys, spectators and dogs.  Next league game is away to Barnes Eagles Colts on 15th April.  Although no rest for the Easter break as two friendlies have been arranged to keep the boys fitness up and burn off those Easter eggs. One on Easter Sunday and the other on 8th April.

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11th March 2018

Under 9s                              6
Sheen Lions                        1

Goal Scorers                       Faris 2

MOM                                    Lewis

With the past weeks poor weather conditions, questions were asked whether the match was going to be on.  Arrived at The Hood to find that the pitch was playable, just needed some forking to drain some areas. Neal and Stuart took care of this as they had experience of forking from their Saturday game.  Chell forgot hers as they were all in the dishwasher!! Both team managers, referee and parents where happy for match to go ahead, so it was game on.  Parents stood on the other side this week out of the boggy side line on the other side.   Max’s and Lewis’s sister entering in the mud and teaching the dads on the side line the new dance crazy going about of flossing.  The ref got the game on the way.  The line-up this week was Max GK, Ollie and David (defence) Louie, Harry and Joe (Midfield) with Lewis up top.  Percy, Archie and Faris on the bench.  Considering the pitch conditions the boys started well.  Trying to avoid the middle of the pitch, Neal instructed the ball to be played out wide.  Although as the game went on it really didn’t matter which part of the pitch we played on.  Breakthrough came from Merton, as Joe latched on to a shot by Lewis, which their keeper saved only for the ball to get stuck on the line in the mud.  Joe sliding in to put into the net, one nil.  Sheen levelled with some good one two passing and again their player following in on from a save from Max.  Ollie doing well to sweep up at the back any balls that came through.   Changes made half way through first half with all three subs coming on.  The mud causing some tired legs out there. Both teams trying their best to grab the lead before the half.  Half time whistle blew.  1 apiece at the break. 

Second half

We certainly had the better possession in the second half and best of the chances finding the net 5 times.  Faris finding the net twice, Lewis, Percy and Ollie getting in on the act as well.  Percy also rattled the crossbar with a thunder bolt of a shot.  Each goal was set up and put away nicely. In fact every boy could have got on the score sheet week each with chances, video below of Louie’s missed header.  Max as usual pulled off a few excellent saves, but had a quieter match this week. As the game went on the pitch got muddier in most places, as Faris and Lewis found out falling face down in to it.  The question on all the parents minds were that these kids had to get in the cars once game was over and how to do this with minimal dirt getting on the upholstery. Considering the tiring conditions both teams played some excellent football.  

This week’s man of match was handed to Lewis.  Next week’s game is against rivals Croygas on a less muddy 4G pitch at their home ground.



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25th February 2018

Merton Under 9s                             2
Kingston Town Academicals

Goal Scorers                                        Faris 2

The last match report I wrote we played in the same cold (but not wet) conditions about a month ago.  Thankfully this week’s game got switched to our home ground and the pitch was playable.  The pitch actually looked in good condition, slightly frozen in places, but game was on at least. The boys (full squad) all turned up on time.  Neal telling each of the boys to keep wrapped up warm until kick off.  Again Joe braving the cold by wearing just shorts refusing to wear leggings.  Louis braving the cold by refusing to wear a coat, so much so that his dad returned home to get him one, whilst there forgot to pick himself up some gloves.  The parents, coaches and couple of siblings (with a hot water bottle) on the other hand wrapped up warm on the side line.  Although by the end of the game feet and hand couldn’t be felt by all.

Starting line up this week was Max (GK) Harry, Archie, Ollie, David, Lewis and Faris.  On the bench were Louis, Percy and Joe.  This week Neal placed a running sensor on Percy to see how much he was performing.  Pictures below with the results.  We started off slowly but passed the ball about nicely.  Unfortunately when we gave the ball away the opposition counter attacked and their centre forward taking his chances well putting Kingston Town 3 – 0 in the first half.  One of his goals was put away nicely with his head from a right by-line cross.  Few changes made by the coach .The boys continued to play some good football and linking up well.  Faris put two away to bring the score back to 3 – 2 and that is how the half finished. Quick team talk and back for the second half.  Not realising he had no shin pads on, ref ordered Percy to leave the pitch to go and put them on part way through the first half.  Not sure if the sensor picked this up or not?

The second half we put on a bit more pressure.  The opposition having the bare 7 players didn’t look like they were tiring.  The continued to get us on the counter attack but now having two at the back we defended better stopping them from scoring.  Max saving well as usual and David and Joe clearing a couple of balls off the line. We had some great play with some good through balls and wide play especially by Louis who continued to try and get crosses into the box.   Chances came and went but no outcome of a goal.  Their goalie pulling off a great save near the end to deny the leveller.  The second half saw no goals and result finished 3 -2 to Kingston Town.  Considering the cold weather and score, all the boys put in a good performance and worked hard.

Parents quickly cleared up the equipment, Taff pointing out and apologising that he had to get away sharp, this meant Stu had to put away one of the goals. I think he had a sun bed booked to top up his Goa suntan. 

MOM this week was given to Louis.  


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21st January 2018

Merton Under 9s             0
Westside                             3

MOM                                    Max

I will keep this report short as I try to get the feelings back in my fingers from the cold. The question on all the parents minds was whether the game was on or off, given the wet weather during the week.  Could the pitch possibly be playable, was Roy waiting till the last minute for a call to say it was off.  No the game was on, meet time was still 12.30 at the pitches on Grand Drive.  Sal thinking it was a half nine meet, missed out on a lie in and Stu thinking it was at home and needed to help with the goals.  Note to parents read the What’s App message for meet place and time.

We turned up on time; Neal making sure the boys didn’t get cold took them for a warm up.  Paul again making sure the parents didn’t get cold by getting the teas in.  Westside informed the coaches that they were short of players and if any of our players wanted to play for them.  Decision was made to play 7 – 6, at the last minute they managed to get a player and allow the game to play with even sides.  

We lined up this week with Max who has played every game so far in goal, defence of Harry and Joe (maned up and braved the weather by refusing to base layer leggings), Midfield of Ollie, Percy and David with Louis up top.  Archie and Faris were on the bench. News came in the week that Lewis had fractured his fingers whilst playing in goal with his mates.  The whole team wish him a speedy recovery. Westside were a strong side who started strongly.  They attacked well and put pressure on our defence and goalie.  For some reason we had trouble clearing our lines. This could have been due to the mud bath being created in the goal area or the lack of sensation in the boys frozen feet.  When we did clear the ball, it went straight down the middle rather than out wide.  This led to the ball going  to a Westside player which led to their two goals before the half time whistle.  Two changes made during the first half Archie and Faris on for Joe and Louis. Ollie’s face of disappointment said it all as he looked over hoping it was him being subbed only to see it wasn’t him.  The pile of coats and jumpers were calling him. The team tried to get back into the game, Faris having a couple of chances and Archie hitting a shot to be pushed wide by their keeper.  Half time came and a quick team talk by both coaches so the kids didn’t get too cold. 

Two changes made Ollie and Harry off for Joe and Louis.  The boys dug in deep, one to keep warm and two to get the goals back. Faris, Archie, David and Max were all having a good game. The man of match award could have been shared by all of them but Max edged it with his triple save in the second half and freezing his nuts off between the sticks.  As the game wore on, you could see that the boys, coaches, parents and ref were all feeling the cold.  Stuart pointing out that he may need to wear warmer shoes next time.  Their third goal came from not closing down their player who had space and time to shoot and score.  Last change of the game Ollie and Harry on for David and Percy.  David’s mum taking advantage that it was his last kick of the game, gathered his stuff and headed of home to the warm.  We continued on trying to at least get a goal. Coming close with a ball through by Archie, which had it fallen to Louis may have gone in, only for Faris to hit it first and place it wide.  Parents hoping the ref wasn’t going to play too much added time heard the final whistle blow.  The boys lined up on the half way line to shake hands, those that could still feel them.  The coaches didn’t keep them long for the end of match team talk.  Quick man of match presentation, awarded to Max for his numerous saves including one that he tipped over the bar and his triple shot save.

Max’s sister feeling the cold on the side line, James had the right idea of sitting in the car with the heaters on full blast and watching from there.

Fair play to Bobby and his dad for coming along to watch and cheer on the boys.

No pictures or videos this week as all the parents hands where numb and non functional or holding an umbrella.  

Next week’s game, hopefully in warmer and drier conditions is at home to Walton Casual. 


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14th January 2018

Merton Under 9s                        5
Moormead                                      4

Goal Scorers                                   David  2
                                                                Louis 2

MOM                                                  David

First home game of the year, the weather was kind in the week, which allowed the pitch to be playable. Goals ready, both teams arriving with plenty of time for a warm up.  Neal gathered the boys in a circle for some stretches.  With plenty of time to spare Lauren and Archie were able to get the tea and coffee ready for the parents. Now I forgot to mention that Paul got the hot beverages at last week’s game, it was only right that his misses got this week’s.  Grand total of 6 hot drinks were needed, Archie and Lauren needn’t have worried about the queues of parents.

Not a full squad this week, Percy falling ill Saturday night and not recovering.  Elz was the ref this week and got the game off promptly. Line up this week was Max between the sticks and captain for the game. Harry the lonesome defender, midfield three of David, Joe and Louis, with Faris and Archie up top.  Ollie and Lewis on the bench. 

Both teams started well creating chances at both ends.  But the opposition had the upper hand in the first half getting us on the break and taking advantage of Harry, on his own at the back.  Max did pull off his usual great saves but Moormead went 2 up in the first half.  We did have a couple of chances but couldn’t find the back of the next, one of them being Ollie’s first touch of the ball and unlucky not to score.  I wouldn’t say we played bad in the first half but definitely need to up the work rate in the 2nd half.

The boys gathered drinks at half time and listened to Neal and what he required in the 2nd half.  Whatever was said work because the second half the boys came alive.  The boys had more hunger for the ball, more energy and more belief that they could win this match.  Our first goal came from a ball across the goal mouth, for Louis to slot it into the net.  The boys gathered themselves and went again, continuing to press.  Lewis levelled the game with a free kick which went low, through the wall and beyond the keeper.  The next goal made the game, David not only scoring a fabulous goal, but deservingly getting his long awaited first goal for the team.  I won’t go on how it was scored as we have video evidence how it was created and scored. 

What was notice from the video by the coach was how many commands could be heard from the parents from the sideline.  This didn’t confuse David, as the only voice he probably heard was the sound of his mum saying ‘hit it’, and that was he did left foot, top bins. We definitely had more of the possession, but they levelled to make it 3 – 3.  Louis switched to up top, finished well for his second of the game to make it 4 – 3. David, Archie and Lewis worked well in midfield, closing down the oppo.  Couple of changes made, Faris and Ollie on for Archie and Joe.  Moormead had a couple of chances, including hitting the bar.  They managed again to level the match 4 – 4 with about 5 minutes remaining.  Again making video footage, David who worked his socks off the whole game got his brace and the winning goal to make it 5 – 4. 

This was a very exciting game to watch, all the boys walked off the pitch at the end of the game buzzing.  When it came to naming the man of the match although they all played out of their skins, there was only one player the boys could choose.  On the count of 3, the name David was shouted out. 

David MOM









I didn’t really make any observations on the side line as the game was too intense to miss any of the action.  Only that if hot drinks are available at next week’s game Paul is excluded from buying them!!

Next week’s game is away to Westside, luckily their home ground is a stone throw away from the Hood on Grand Drive.  If the boys played the way they did in the second half it should be a good contest.

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7th January 2018

Merton Under 9s             1
Walton casuals

Goal Scorer                         Faris

On a cold January morning the team had an away fixture in Walton.  The Xcel Sports Hub was the venue, on one of their 3G pitches. The last game the boys played was on the 3rd December away near Heathrow, and that what the pitch felt like today. Playing across the full size 3G pitch it felt like it was runway one at Heathrow.

Before the game the coaches handed out their belated Christmas presents to the boys, yellow Merton beanies, which came at the right time as it was cold out there.  Parents were ready, hot beverages available, which were needed. Those who got new boots from Santa had them on, standing out were Max’s salmon and lime colour ones. 

The game got started; Full squad this week, line up this game was Max (GK), Dave and Ollie (defence), Joe, Louis and Lewis (Midfield) and Faris (Striker).  Subs were Archie, Percy and (allowed a lie in by his mum) Harry.  The boys started well, passing the ball about and trying to get up the long pitch to score.  Change made after 10 minutes, Ollie feeling ill or the cold for Harry. Walton used the length of pitch to their advantage, getting the ball over the top of the defenders, when we lost the ball, which created their chances.  Max pulling off some great saves throughout the match keeping the score line from being any higher. Two more subs made, Archie and Percy on for Joe and Louis.  The boys continued to link up well, but just couldn’t find the end product. Walton ended the half the better by 3 goals to nil.

Quick chat at half time from the coaches so the boys didn’t get cold. Faris off for Lewis, Dave off for Louis. The second half saw the boys have more chances at the opposition goalkeeper. A bit more space was made, Archie and Louis making some good passes from the wings.  Our only goal came from Faris, who managed to slot his shot beyond the keeper.  Change of formation, David and Lewis on for Archie and Percy.  Leaving Joe at the back on his own, pushing more players forward to try and get some goals back.  Unfortunately Walton again came back at us and got a few more goals including a fabulous strike from their number 3.  This was a team ranked 1st in our division, but I think on a grass pitch, slightly shorter in length, the score might have been different. 

The boys gave it a good go, despite the weather and having not played for a while due to cancelled matches and the Christmas break.  Next week’s game is against 2nd place in the league, hopefully an opportunity to show what we can do on our home pitch, that is if it’s dried out and playable!!!  Let’s hope to a dry January (and that is not aimed at Stuart).

Few moments between the parents chat were observed. Neal’s new fitness tracker gadget and the bra he places it in.  The goal Dan scored on Saturday for the 3s and the one he missed.  James’s description for Max’s new boots, they’re not pink but salmon. 

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When the parents signed up their boys for a lovely game of football at the start of the season little did they know it can essentially wipe out their whole Sunday. Today was one of those weeks whereby not only did we have a 12.30 kick off but we also had a long journey around the M25. When the journey time lasts as long as the actual match you know you’re in for the long hurl.

Whenever I usually visit Heathrow it would normally be to get some duty free and jet off into the sunshine. Not today this week we were here to continue our winning streak in light drizzle and with a backing soundtrack of aeroplane thrusters taking off every 60 seconds!

Typically when arriving at a airport you try and get there nice and early. Roy obviously wanted some new sunglasses and some aftershave as he was there a full hour before the official meet time.

As everyone rocked up with good punctuality we found a spot on the adjourning pitch to warm the boys up. Not the most inspiring warm up of the season but the boys looked engaged and ready to do the business.

With Self nominated sub this week was Big Dave who announced to the group “I am sub today because I missed training” the starting team picked itself. Seems the message has certainly hit home and the boys understand that consistency at training will be paid with minutes on the pitch.

We were ready for takeoff with a 2-2-2 formation today which initially looked like another bit of tactical genius. MOM from last week was Max who was ready to captain his crew.
The boys started as they have done for the last few weeks with good passing movement and a genuine desire to speed the play up and get forward.

A short corner was played quickly and a lovely teasing cross was met by a diving header from Faris at the back post. We won’t score many headers as a team this year so always nice to see a brave finish.
Faris and Lewis were causing some real problems in the first quarter(not sure why we played 4 quarters it should be two halves now) and their link up play is certainly improving. Max’s hands were looking safe, Percy and Ollie busy in the middle and Joe and Harry really in control and playing the ball nicely at the back.

1-0 quickly turned to 2-0 after a nice dribble by Lewis ricocheted into Faris who got a shot away which beat the goalkeeper and dribbled towards the back post which was smashed home emphatically with a power driver from all of 10 inches by Ollie!

We were in full throttle now playing superb football 2-0 then came 3-0 courtesy of a sublime free kick from Lewis. Bending, curling, dipping and powerful – all the ingredients for a superb free kick on show.

The whistle went for the first break and it was probably a bad thing for us as a team. The lads clearly thought they had completed their journey, coming off the pitch like a bunch of lads getting off the plane in Prague for a stag do! Parents very happy and Probably just a guilty as the kids in thinking this was a first class ticket to win town!
Maybe we were all too relaxed and maybe we all thought the hard work was done.
A warning was given by Roy and myself that 3-0 does not mean we are finished. We need to keep our discipline and work harder than we have ever worked and I concerns were well founded.
Bedfont came out much stronger clearly their coach had done a cabin check and highlighted some areas of improvement. They were a different team and we were too relaxed. The pressure was put on us straight away and they had put out their Top Guns. 3-1 half time.

The second half we looked like passengers for most of it with us really unable to ride out the turbulence. Bedfont were good value for their next 3 goals to take the lead in the game. No massive mistakes or errors just a genuinely good come back by the oppo whose coaches I must say were extremely professional, fair and encouraging to both sets of boys.

Soon after the final quarter started Lewis went on a darting run again and got a sublime shot away to level the game much to the sounds of relief from the parents behind the goal. It was the same sound you hear at an airport when a delayed flight gets called out for boarding.

As the clock ticked down either team could’ve nicked all 3 points with some good chances at both ends. Dave was extremely unlucky to not get on the scoresheet yet! But it is coming!
Percy took a few knocks today but was impressive with his work rate  and JT(Joe) was brilliant at the back and could’ve got a winner right at the end. Our fight back was good following going 4-3 down but the fact we conceded four goal in a row was a concern, although in all honestly the oppo worked very hard for it.

As we leave Heathrow we have nothing to declare at customs except Lewis and Joe were neck and neck for MOM but Lewis just pipped it by getting the all important equaliser.

Team: Max the cat, Harry ‘Tony Adams’ Bumstead, JT, Percy the worrier, Ol’s, Hazard, Faris the finisher.

Sub: Big Dave

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26th November 2017

Merton under 9s                                             2
Croygas                under 9s                             1

Goal scorers                                       Ollie

MOM                                                    Max

This week saw us host arch rivals Croygas at The Hood.  There was a slight frost to the ground which soon thawed out with the November sun coming down. The Pitch wasn’t too bad as it had been worked on by the grounds man to help with the drainage.  Now before the match, Taff had wandered off, returning from the showers just before kickoff.  Apparently his dog had decided to have a roll around in another dog’s doo doos.

This week was refereed excellently by Elz, who controlled the match throughout. Allowing play to go on when required and speaking to and encouraging the both set of players during the game. This week’s line up was Max (GK), Harry (T.Adams again) and Archie (defence), Louie, Percy and David (Midfield) Faris (up top).  Subs were Ollie, Joe and Lewis, tactical by the coach as some of the Croygas players knew their playing styles.  We kicked off with the sun in our eyes. A cap is what Max required as the sun obscured his vision. Again this week we started strong and played like we did against Kingstonian.  Link up play was good between Faris and the wingers. Chances were being made but again not converting.  Joe catching one shot to well for it to just clip top of the cross bar. The opposition had some strong players who also had a few chances.  The opening goal was scored by them.  Corner taken, came into the box and was flicked in by one of their players.   Not letting their heads drop they kicked off and continued to press.  Changes made half way through the half, Ollie, Lewis and Joe on for David, Archie and Louie.  We levelled scoring from a corner as well.  The ball crossed in by Lewis, which was met by Ollie on the half volley and placed into the net.  Half time came and it was a well even match so far.  Again we wondered where Taff was as it had been quiet on the side line, he was mingling with the oppo parents further down the touchline.

Second half began and a quick reminder to Stuart who was bit confused (but not hung over)during first half cheering on the blues (his Saturday side colours) and shouting to the ref it was the blues ball for throw ins. When clearly it was yellows ball!! For the first part of the second half Max didn’t have a lot to do.  But the last 10 minutes, wow pulling off some unbelievable saves to keep us in it.  One shot was tipped around the post and another was tipped over the crossbar.  Well deserved man of the match award at the end.  The boys all put in another shift especially Faris, Ollie Lewis and David who was still looking for his first goal for the team.  With a few minutes left Lewis broke on one of his runs, dribbling around a few players when getting fouled just outside the box, although the oppo felt the ball was won and shouldn’t have been a foul.  Free kick was given, Lewis and David stood over the ball Lewis stepped up and hit the ball on target to see it go in.  2 – 1 with a couple of minutes to go. 

Final whistle blew and the match finished 2 – 1.  A game where a draw would have been a fair result but getting the win was magical.  Another win on the bounce for the team and the boys playing some great football.  The mini festival finished 2 wins and 1 lose, not too bad.

Back to the league next week with an away fixture against Bedfont Eagles Whitesox.

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