Match Report

Alleyn Old Boys 7s v Merton 7s


Hindsight is a wonderful thing, leading up to Saturday’s away game, players are dropping out left right and centre, the squad that is confirmed on the Tuesday, depletes each day, already losing the likes of Jacob to long term injury, Luke M moving onto pastures new, Josh, Dan, Niall being unavailable for selection, Billy pulling out on the Thursday with Tonsillitis, then Tom J drop out the Friday night and Andrew just a few hours before kick-off and Kieran, unfortunate not being able to shake of the hand injury picked up last week to go in goal.

Even with Ed & John G (of the 4s) jumping in to help out, we are fielding a much weakened side against a team who have yet to loose in the league. Even prior to kick-off, the previous night’s rain had yet to soak away and the ref was correct in calling the game off, however, against better judgement, we all chipped in to help with brooms and other ‘equipment’ to push the standing water to the edge. So, although a half hour late, we managed to get the game on.








(If you look closely, you can see Ryan doing the back stroke)

Basically, it was an even contest for the 1st 10 minutes or so… after that, we had all the luck in the world… unfortunately, the bad kind!! It’s hard to pin point how or what went wrong, but all that matters, is it did, and in spectacular style…!

1st goal set the tone, a few lucky breaks for the oppo sees AOB7s cross behind the lines and side foot pass our stranded keeper, 2nd goal sees AOB7 capitalise on a pass which got stuck in a puddle, 3rd goal… much the same… as did the following up to the amount of 8.

In-between the onslaught, Daban manged to open his account after a cheeky through ball from the captain that even the oppo applauded, Daban strike sees the ball in to the top corner, for the second, good work from Ed down the left who puts a cross in for Ryan to collect, turn and fire low into the corner.

At the final whistle and totally outplayed by a good, but not the best team we’ve faced so far… we hope this is the lowest this team ever goes. We go again next week against Bank of England 5s who are in mix, but seem to have better results than our 7s (not hard though!), and  hopefully we get back a good few of the squad that was missing Saturday to push the 7s out of the rut they find themselves in.

To conclude (and pad this report out a bit!) we have a few comical moments to highlight the sort of day incurred, this also aids in the nominees for the Dick of the Day… Starting from the front and in no particular order …

Denzel- Came on second half and in fairness, done ok…

DOTD moment: Latches onto a great through ball and is clear on goal, but stops running to protest that he was not offside, only for the ref to inform him that his not blown up for any infringements and to carry on playing!! Giving AOB7s enough time to get back and dispose him of the ball! (An on a side note… throw in’s… not his strong point!)

Chris ‘Dodds’ – Started slow, got slower… almost needed resuscitating at half time, but still manged to come on for the last 10 or so in the second half…

DOTD moment – might be unfair, but needs to be mentioned… passed the ball forwarded, only to see it get stuck in a puddle, tries to somehow make amends which results in, not only Chris, but also Martin being wrong footed and sees the AOB7s forwarded stroll between the pair of them and slots the ball home!

Steve – We all know the joke about being ‘left back…’

DOTD moment – Passing across the goal to Martin and is marked by AOB7s striker, who steps across and takes the ball before Martin even reacts, and is now 8 yards out with the goalie stranded on his line, Goal!

Edward – we thank him for stepping up and helping out, really good to hear another voice trying to make a difference

DOTD moment – Well, apart from the school boy errors of losing the ability to take a throw in (was 3 or 4 times the ref blow up for a foul throw!!) or forgetting that you can’t remove the corner flag, to take a corner!!.. But the nominations was for the epic tackle that sees ‘Ed’ slide across the pitch, straight into the deepest puddle and emerging the other side with his top now see-through and clinging to the torso!! Some things can’t be unseen… !!!

But the winner goes to ….

John Gridley – Prior to the game, and realising the task ahead, he volunteers himself to go in goal. This is well received amongst the squad and is thanked by Martin who was to be elected keeper for the day.

DOTD moment – It’s understandable that after conceding 8 goals, you may be a tad upset, but at the final whistle, spitting the dummy and condoning your team mates to the opposition and declaring ‘it would have been 12 without me’ is one thing… but to then stomp off without even picking up his toys which was thrown all over the pitch after a very dramatic hissy fit, most unpleasant…

It took Ed a full half hour to calm him down in a locked changing room, we could the sobs thorugh the walls, of “please Ed, don’t make me ever play for the 7s again… I’m scarred for life and I’m only 102… take me back to the 4s…. PLEASE“ and fair play to Ed, apparently cradling johns head in his hands, promises him that he will never have to steep so low for the Merton cause again…Those pesky 7s will just have to make do next time!


MOTM – The opposition awarded the MOTM to the 7s captain, but this was declined, as a squad they all failed as a team and no one in this game deserves such accolade.

However…. The ‘Man Of The Moment’ award goes to Steve B, for his magnificent reply to a video clip issued by Civil Service 8s manager soon after the week be fore’s game…

Don’t worry, both videos will be issued on DVD format or available on download from ITunes for £99.99p, just in time for Christmas… Why not treat a loved one!!


Team: Missing. Never turned up.

PLEASE NOTE – The names in the above report have been changed to protect the innocent, the above is all ‘fiction’ and never took place, any person that may have had a similar experience, is merely coincidence and needs to up the dose of recreational drugs or get out more. It will be interesting to see how many people actual read these reports to the bitter end… Good luck next week ladies, going to need it!

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Merton 5s 3 – 3 Merton 6s

This game was as bizarre, eventful and action-packed as a low-budget Arnold Schwarzenegger film so I apologise for playing fast and loose with some of the detail!

The fixture man certainly enjoyed the first game because we’re not even half way through the season and found ourselves playing our sixth team once again. These are horrible games to play as a higher team, and being 6 points behind the sixes at the start of the day this was not one we could afford to lose.

The beginning of the game was quite finely balanced, with the 5s having the best of the early chances. Most notable was Dulanjie being played through 1 on 1 with the keeper, however uncharacteristically not able to slot it away. We pressurised them, winning free kicks and corners and this ultimately bore fruit for the first goal. A good run onto a direct corner by Phil Truman saw him unmarked right in front of goal. He seemed to almost “dab” it, heading the ball onto the top of his shoulder and into the net. A good start for the 5s never usually bodes well.

This balanced the game even more, and the 6s got right into it through good runs from their pacey forwards. They found themselves in some fairly promising positions, however were unable to capitalise. The game was see-sawing and on our attack midway through the half, Dulanjie was played through again. He did not get there and the keeper cleared, however it landed at the feet of our remarkably elegant, handsome dream of a left back. He took a touch, the ball sat up nicely and he wellied it from 40 yards lobbing the keeper and putting the 5s 2-0 ahead.

Two things the 6s do well is press quickly from the front and break with pace. They employed both on this occasion to pull one back. Delman was either waiting for movement [he might still be on the pitch waiting] or daydreaming about impending cuddles with Dwayne, but either way, the ball was pinched and played into their central midfielder. Allowed the run, he took it 10 yards forward and played a nice chip over Sam and in for 2-1.

Just before half time we just about notched a third goal to restore our 2 goal cushion. The ball was crossed in and landed at the feet of Josh, who slotted it home for 3-1.

There were 4 goals in the half however it didn’t feel like a half that should have been high scoring. The millions of fans watching at home must have wondered, “How could this game get any more interesting”? The second half certainly answered that question.

The 5s team talk concluded along the lines of not sitting back and trying to score more, as we’d likely concede if we played a bit more defensively. Having beautifully ignored that advice, we immediately started the half on the back foot and it looked as if it could be a long half. They prodded and probed, creating some decent chances and really stretching our back line.  It was not much of a surprise when, after spurring a couple of chances, they pulled one back, however the manner in which they did was surprising indeed.

The ball came in for a corner and a group of players competed for it. Everyone missed it and the ball bounced in the box and hit Josh’s hand from two yards away from the group. He didn’t have much time to react and it was rather unfortunate, however whenever the ball hits a hand in the box there is always the risk. The real issue of contention was yet to come. The 6s took the penalty and hit the post, and with players rushing to block/clear any rebound the whistle went. All players didn’t know what was going on, and the referee ordered a retake to our bemusement! Yes, we did have a player or two in the box however they certainly did too and therefore it never should have been retaken. A different player stepped up for the retake and hit it hard and low. Sam did well to get a hand on it however the pace was just a little too much, and the 6s closed the deficit to just the single goal.

We reacted well and, for the first time in the half, started putting some pressure on with the final ball just lacking. The one time it did find its mark, we were very unfortunate to be denied. The cross from a free kick found Phil Truman in acres of space, who headed home. To our surprise the whistle went as the linesman flagged offside – a decision that can only be described as “dubious”. The score remained at 3-2.

Our good spell only lasted 10 minutes before the 6s got on top as they chased the game. It was there turn for some misfortune as Phil tripped chasing the ball. Their player ran onto it and was one on one with the keeper; however the whistle went for a free kick to us. There didn’t look to be much in it so we were fortunate.

For all their good play in the half, their third and final goal was scrappy and wholly avoidable. The free kick came in and got muddled up between our defenders. We failed to clear the ball and it landed straight at the feet of their player, who easily slotted home from 6 yards.

There was not long left of the game; however they had some very good chances and could have won it. There was one shot very well saved by Sam, who tipped it onto the post, one clearance off the line and a couple of good chances spurned. The game ended 3-3 in what was a highly entertaining match for the neutral.

Man of the match was shared out between a good half of the team, which was great. Despite three goals conceded each player in the back 4 received a man of the match nomination. Tiggsy and Stormzy were busy in the middle of the park, Dwayne Aaron and Josh were a constant threat and Dulanjie up top was unfortunate not to get on the scoresheet right at the start of the game. If there’s one criticism from this performance it is that we need to keep the ball better and be a bit more incisive in the final third, however we can take a lot of heart from the way we battled, especially in the first half.

Now that we do not have to play the 6s again this season, we wish them all the best for the rest of the season and we certainly hope and expect to be up there with you at the end of the season. A 1st and 2nd finish on the cards perhaps?

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Jamie Clark
3rds (Boars)
Old Thorntonians, uni of Essex and Hastings United 
1. Outside of the club I work for Ladbrokes Coral as an insight manager here and in Gibraltar. Testing new ads/features and customer habits. Also people probably don’t know I’m into my politics, got a masters degree in public opinion and polling and everything.
2. I turned up to Pre Season at Merton 2 years ago played a friendly and then ended up moving out of London. After a swift move back to the city I rejoined at the beginning of the season with a few faces remembering me.
3. Like the fact that some players remembered me and how the teams all mix together after the game. Definitely a good camaraderie amongst the 3s as well
4. It would be arsenal supported them from birth as I didn’t have a choice as my family are thoroughbred gooners. Have been through the Wenger years ecstatic and bitterly disappointed.
5. I never wear my match shirt or shin pads during  the warm up swiftly putting them on just before Kick off
6. I think at the moment the main goal for the 3s is to stay up, just needing to string a few good results together and the confidence will return
Current favourite player – insigne
Childhood team – Beckley Rangers
U.K. team – arsenal
Outside U.K. team – nfl fan, Miami dolphins
Childhood hero – Thierry Henry
Food – chicken Kiev’s
Drink – a good summers gin
Band – not big on bands but give me a two hour long Carl Cox set and I’ll be happy
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AFC West End 3 – 2 Merton fc

After a positive start to the game, Merton took the lead. This being our 3rd or 4th chance on goal, with the others not being on target. Charlie gambling and nodding into an empty net to give merton a deserved lead.

Merton doubled the lead with Marcin hitting his shot into the far corner.
Merton had the more possession in the first half and were unlucky not to be more up come the half time whistle.

2nd half and the message was clear! But AFC West End built up confidence in the game, creating chances from merton mistakes.

AFC West End pulling a goal back with around 20 to play.

AFC West End equalised and scored the winner in the space of 5 mins – both from free kicks after sloppy fouls.

Onto the next fixture at Kew next week.

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Match Report

 Merton 7s v Civil Service 8s


Saturdays forecast: Grey, overcast and showers, could also sum up the 7s this term. Saturday was supposed to be the day the 7s showed there worth after fighting to the end for the 3 points v Sales last week. But with inconsistency creeping in, it’s becoming tough to call which 7s will turn up to each game

The day started quite well, Daban turning up only 30 minutes before a game is a vast improvement on missing the first half, but still becoming a common site to see him sprint over to get changed pitch side!

With Kieran back in goal after his loan to the 5s came to an end, we have Josh RB, Dan & Steve centre and welcome back Ram at LB, going with the same 5 in midfield as last week, seeing as it done so well, Ryan, Jacob, David, Andrew & Luke P seemed quite settled, with Billy once again tasked with roaming around up top.

The game started as expected, CS8s known for good passing football, also starting with 4-5-1 and take the game to the 7s. Matched up in the middle, once again the 7s marshalled by the captain, do well to contain the probing efforts of CS8s. the opening exchanges see Kieran the busier of the 2 keepers, and does well to stay composed with what pressure he is faced with

Playing ever deeper, the 7s start to rely on a counter attack, although running into a head wind, the ball can only be worked on the floor, first break for Billy comes as a through ball sees him contest a 50/50 with the keeper, with the keeper calmly dragging the ball back and passing to safety. No more than minutes later, same situation between CS8s Keeper and Billy, but this time, Billy anticipates the drag back and slides in with a tackle to rob the ball, only to see the tackle come shot to go wide.

As another CV8s attack is dealt with, the ball is punted high in the air, Jacob tussles to win the battle, only to see him left sprawled on the floor, something that look innocuous has left the young lad in a lot of pain. Unable to put any weight on the ankle, there’s no choice but to make an early change. Daban comes on to replace the injured midfielder

The first half comes to a close with both teams winning equal share of the spoils, a good tussle in midfield from both teams and both teams unfortunate not be nick a goal, but 0-0 is a fair reflection

Half time and Steve & David rally the team and call for composure, not only are the 7s in the game, but the feeling is we can nick this one.

Start of the second half and the 7s are the better of the 2 teams, closing down the opposition and playing out form the back, it wasn’t too long before Billy was once again released through the middle, again the keeper is off his line and meeting Billy at the edge of the area the 50/50 results in the keeper winning the ball, but getting bundled out of the area. Feeling aggrieved, the keeper exchanges a few words with the young striker and results in the gloved one throwing the ball square in the chest of Billy who does well not to retaliate.

As the situation calms down, the ref seemed to take an age to speak to both players together, then individually. Billy getting a warning, but with CS8s keeper seeing a red card (which was a bit harsh in my opinion).

None the less, it is at this point that CS8s, now down to 10 men, rally around and take a grip of the game. The 7s, seemingly switch off, are soon under pressure. Not dealing well with the ball over the top are made to pay when a good passing game from CV8s is rewarded with a goal that Kieran had no chance with.

The 7s now stunned, still not able to cope with CS8s attack have only Kieran to thank for keeping the score at 1-0. Even through a melee of players and taking an elbow straight in the face, Kieran was in no mood to go down without a fight

A change sees Andrew make way for Niall for his league debut

However, there’s nothing Kieran could do with the second, with everyone leaving the responsibility to each other to clear the ball just outside the area, sees a neat exchange of passes to cut through the defence, even with a last-ditch foul by Dan, which would have resulted in a penalty and possibly a red card had the ball not fell to the striker to dispatch in the corner, 0-2 against the 10 men of CS8s

A quick change in personal sees Dan make way for Luke Mora, to go with a reformed 3-5-2 and is almost instantly rewarded. A quick throw in from Billy to David, sees the captain drop and shoulder to get around the advancing CS8s player, although clipped around the ankles, still flicks the ball forward and from a full 30yards or so, unleashed a shot that curls beyond the keepers grasp and tucks into the top left-hand corner for 1-2. Game on!

Civil still not read the script, they have 10 men but make it seem like they have 12… the goal just sparked them back into life, and once again the 7s are left watching as the break down the right results in a tame cross that is going wide, wrong foot Steve 3 yards out and comes off his in step to go in the far corner. 1-3!!!!

What a knockout blow, truly feeling sorry for themselves, it’s with less than 10 minutes to go that CS8s twist the knife with one more well taken and deserved goal.

With the 7s in disbelief and from a commanding first half, how in the hell did this slip to a 1-4 deficit! The game ends and rightly so the Civil team take the points. The 7s walk off disheartened and speechless…. How did it go so wrong? 

With an away game to Alleyn Old Boys 7s next week, who are currently unbeaten, the loss of Jacob for possibly 8 weeks and a depleted side, this couldn’t come at a worse time


MOTM: Even though he conceded 4, he can hold his gloves up high. Kieran Lee

DOTD: A last ditch attempt by Daban to take DOTD for openly admitting he has no clue what to do in midfield (after the votes had been cast), but Steve once again takes the accoladed for his stunning finish from 3 yards… in the wrong goal! 


Team: Kieran, Josh, Dan, Steve, ram, Ryan, Jacob, David, Andrew, Luke, Billy

Daban, Niall, Luke M

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Saturday saw the 1’s take on The Warren in the SAL Cup. After a disappointing result the week before it was pivotal for the lads to get back on track with a win against a team struggling in the league below.

Merton dominated possession early on without creating any clear cut chances. The central midfield trio of James, Crusher and the other person that played in midfield got themselves on the ball as frequently as possible and broke up play when required. Woody, playing up top for the first time all season, was industrious with his runs in behind and his physical play in the air. However, the majority of Merton’s good play came out wide. Van, struggling for pace in his old age, relied on guile and experience to beat their below average left back and whip in crosses, and EJ dribbled, dribbled, dribbled and dribbled until he could dribble no more.

Despite having the majority of the play, Merton would eventually fall behind. A cross was whipped in from the right and their striker turned past Harrison’s flailing leg and finished neatly in to the top corner.

Unperturbed by this sudden injustice, the lads continued pushing forward and would eventually get the breakthrough before half time after a smart finish by Van. It’s been a few days since the game so I can’t remember much about the winning goal, however I know Charlie scored it to break his duck for the season and it happened in the second half.
The last 25 minutes saw us sit back and try to sit out the game; a ploy that only worked thanks to the heroics of Siri who made 2 or 3 excellent saves to make sure we could avoid extra time and advance to the next round.


MOM – Siri: kept us in the game in the second half

DOD – Harrison: jealousy of my good lucks and talent

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Old Wilsonians Fifth 3 – 3 Mighty 5s

Bromley is fast becoming last season’s Chiswick – a home from home, a place where we spend more time than the Hood. Shame because it’s so bloody difficult to get to – self-driving flying cars could not come sooner. And yet again, we were denied the good pitches by the “top teams” – do they not know who we are!?

We arrived typically far too early for the game, and typically didn’t do a lot with the time we had. We started the game as if we had all only just got out of bed, and Wilsonians created the best chances in the early exchanges. We gave them too much space in key areas of the pitch, and this was demonstrated by their centre forward given acres of room 20 yards from goal. He curled a decent shot that Keiran in goal did very well to get to and slap it away like he does to any sense of soberness or dignity on a night out. Then from a cross from the left, their striker pulled off and connected from 12 yards out. Despite a large bounce and running in the opposite direction, Keiran stuck out a leg to flick the ball out of danger. They hit the post twice, the latter time Delman manoeuvred his feet majestically to clear the ball away despite rushing at it at 1,000,000 miles per hour. Not a great start.

It took those two occasions for us to get going, however a good move down the right saw Josh pick the ball up, glide past two of their players and hit a fierce shot that went just past the post. Unfortunate. We were stringing a fair few passes together however only manufactured half chances, and our finishing was summed up by a free kick that was chipped straight into the keeper’s arms towards half time. 0 – 0, but we had finished strongly going into the break.

The team talk was positive, and we even commended each other for talking on the pitch which I think is a first for the Mighty 5s! It was mentioned that it would be helpful if what was said was useful, but one baby step at a time.

The early exchanges were quite tentative in the first half; however they took the lead from a long throw. In honesty we were all quite bunched in the middle, leaving a couple of their players at the back post. It became a scramble in the middle of the box, with the ball falling to their player on our right. From 6 yards out he couldn’t missed, and placed it past Keiran to make it 1 – 0.

It didn’t take us long to draw level either. The ball was picked up on the left by Dwayne who took one touch and delivered an inch-perfect cross towards Dulanjie. He met it force and the keeper made a good save. The rebound went back to him, and he slotted it home to draw us level.

And very shortly after that, it was our turn to benefit from a throw in. We took it fast and their defence was unprepared. The ball made its way to the other end of the box, and Aaron Byrne found himself in acres of space. He took a touch, seemed to take as much time possible to line up the shot, and then cheekily chipped the ball into the far corner. How cheeky? Just think Pirlo v England – very cheeky! Good thing it worked out.

The game really opened up from there, and both teams were having chances. In truth we were playing the better, more attractive football, however their more direct style was causing us problems. This bore fruit for them when they took a speculative shot from outside the area. Keiran got down to palm it away, however their onrushing winger made it first to tuck home the rebound.

Again almost immediately, we hit back with a rather scrappy goal. The corner went into the box, and a few players challenged for the header. It seemed to get stuck in between the players, however emerged at the feet of Phil from 3 yards out. You could see the look of “where am I” sprawled across his face and he attempted the clearance. Luckily, he was so close to the goal that it nestled in the top corner, putting the mighty 5s 3-2 up.

Boy did we have the chances to win it, with the most notable falling to Dulanjie. It wasn’t to be, and we were holding on well under intense pressure. Within the dying embers of the game, they won a throw in deep into our own half. As the ball went in, Darren jumped with their big centre forward. He won the header, yet the ball went backwards, lobbing Keiran to agonisingly give them the equaliser.

The post-game analysis is always entertaining; it made as much sense as Alan Shearer would if he was presenting Match Of The Day whilst on the lash in Newcastle. One thing is painfully clear however, and that is that we have to defend set pieces better if we are to win games. But this was a good performance in a strange league, and something to build on for next time.

Keiran made a couple of top saves in the first half that proved vital. Our defence, despite conceding three goals, received a good amount of nominations for Man Of The Match with Phil, Darren and Delman really limiting their chances from open play – with Tiggsy and Stormzy certainly contributing towards that end. That allowed our attacking players to go forward, and Dwayne, Aaron, Josh and Dulanjie should probably have had more votes for Man Of The Match in hindsight for what was a very good forward display – 3 goals should really win a game after all. There were plenty of positives to take into the next game and let’s hope we can keep improving.

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Merton 4s 3-1 Civil Service 6s
This week saw the arrival of Civil Service to Joseph Hood.
Having started the league reasonably well, and with the visitors sitting at the foot of the table, three point was a must!
We started the game well in our usual 3-5-1 formation however every clear cut opportunity that we created we were unable to convert into goals and that was the story for the whole of the first half.
The team talk at the break was positive. Keep doing what we were doing and the goals would come.
Chances galore in the second half however the same composure that we should in the first half was still in our system.
It wasn’t until the 60th minute that we did find the breakthrough after Dom Plumridge’ start left footed finish.
1 soon became 2 through Aaron Loftus, how? I can’t remember! All I do know however is that he double his tally late on and we conceded, to the disappointment of Gubby.
Final score finished 3-1 and the strong start to the season continues. Bring on the next victims!
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Oct 28: Merton Res v Hampstead Heathens


D Quainton

A lot of huffing and more than our fair share of puffing just about got Team Handsome the result they deserved against Hampstead Heathens. In the end.

Playing a home game after what felt like a season-long exodus (‘What do you mean we’re not playing in north London this week?) was clearly such an unfamiliar experience that Merton struggled to click into gear early doors. Free-kick conceded in the danger zone after two minutes. A less-than-solid wall. 0-1.

Merton might have controlled the game from that point onwards, but could not break down the composition of the Heathens’ chemistry on a day when the Joe Hood pitch was not exactly an oasis. You’ll have to ask Sherbs in goal how the away side went two up from a corner when it looked for all the world like a routine catch was on the way. Still though, our number one redeemed himself late on, throwing himself to his left to repel a ferocious drive and preserve a point. Merton cleared. That was much more like it, Alex.

In between that faux pas and moment of redemption, David Quainton pulled one back with a header from a Dom Preece cross. Wilgo then latched on to a Woody through-ball to scuff a cross along the six-yard box. The Heathens defence were having none of that, however, and returned the ball to Merton’s skipper, who shifted the ball from his right to his left and (finally) slotted home. Relief.

Dom Preece and Dan Rist could walk off the pitch with their heads held highest, sharing as they did the Man Most Handsome award. Woody was also a typically robust presence, full of quality on the ball.

Dick of the Day went to Joe Grew for any number of sins witnessed by Mustard, dressed as He-Man for his birthday, and his band of increasingly merry men on the touchline.

They will have enjoyed a game played in good spirit on both sides but, in all likelihood, little else. On to next week.

Alex Herbert, Joe Grew, Dan Rist, Paul Pearce, Peter Quainton, Conor Murphy, Wilgo (c), Darcy, Dom Preece, Chris Wood, David Quainton, Andy Holder Ross, Nick Van W, Chris Rayner

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Merton 6’s Match Report – MERTON FC 3 vs Civil Service 1

After back to back defeats and missing players for the past two weeks there was again a familiar look to the side that had made a strong start to the season. We had to get back to winning ways and get back on top of the table.

The morning could have made a better start……………Ty and Nick decided just a couple of drinks on a Friday night for a work colleague celebrating their 30th Birthday could do no harm. A couple of hours later and a leathered Nick was singing to random passengers on the underground got back to Ty’s and maintained his 100% sleepover record of being sick after to many JD and Cokes. With cries in the morning of I want to go home, I’m dying we could have been a man down. Nothing a trip to the local greasy spoon can’t sort out.

The team rocked up at the hood, Nick feeling recovered after his pre-work but surprise, surprise as the team were kitted up and ready to go George was no where to be seen. We were left just hoping he brings his shooting boots this week as last season’s hero had gone to zero in the scoring chats.

George finally arrived and the game got underway. The squad was close to being fully back together and straight away there was that intensity back in the team as we looked to blow Civil Service away early and we couldn’t of made a better start, yes George did bring those shooting boots. As the ball came over from the left it found George with space in the box and with plenty of time he sends the ball safely into the roof of the net, 1-0 Merton.

Merton was winning first balls and second balls all over the park, well and truly dominating the game. Grant and Kev were looking solid and learnt from a couple of last weeks mistakes. One challenging the ball whilst the other was sweeping up any mistakes or flick ons from Kev.

Merton were pressing the play well with Chaplin and a recovered Nick running the channels which brought us corners and throw-ins a plenty deep in Civil half. It was one of these throw ins that led to the second goal. Ty launched the throw in Stoke City style into Civils penalty area which Chaplin met first and flicked the ball into the back of the net, 2-0 Merton.

The pressing continued which led to the third and a Civil mistake. Confusion between the goalkeeper and centres backs left the ball at Chaplin’s feet in the penalty area completely alone, not sure where Civils goalkeeper disappeared to but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the area. Chaplin walked the ball home, 3-0 Merton. Could he ever score an easier goal? Although Chaplin’s feedback back was its all about positioning.

Half time came with no threat to Merton as the home side eased to a 3-0 lead. Then came the second half and in all honesty there’s not much to tell, the game flowed with a ridiculous amount of off sides to Merton’s strikers frustrations. Trey and Callum both had chances and did the hard part by taking players on but not finishing. Think Callum may have stolen Georges shooting boots the last couple of weeks.

The 6’s were on course to see out a game without making in mistakes or were they! Civil were awarded a free kick in a half decent positon. The wall was set and Swanny was ready to push his save out of the danger zone. Although Swanny had other ideas as he parried the ball nicely in front of him for the 2 following in Civil players to make it 3-1. Not sure where the defenders were tracking them back, in fairness they may have been sprinting back in but by the time they have done 1 yard a normal person has done 10 yards.

I have to mention that Swanny did make up for this with a cracking save from a long range effort and Merton went on the win the game 3-1. Back in the bar as we checked the other results coming in we were safely back on top of the table and with a couple of teams with games in hand we must keep winning to sustain a challenge.

Then the real tension started, who was going to get D.O.T.D! Forget the M.O.T.M award this was all about who would be wearing the newly purchased outfit decorated at the Chaplin household. It was never in doubt and except a couple of votes it went to Nick, alright for non footballing reasons but the lad was leathered on that underground.

M.O.T.M was a difficult one as there was no real stand out performances from a good all round first half and comfortable second. Step up Mr. Consistent Andy, what’s that 3 out of 4 weeks. Getting a little boring now, either do something amazing or really rubbish. Stop with the consistency.

Scorers; Chaplin 2, George B 1

Squad; Swanny, Andy, Grant, Kev, Fitz, Callum, Ty, Neal, George, Tony, Nick, Trey, Pete, Bobby.

D.O.T.D – Nick

M.O.T.M – Andy

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